Sweeney’s Bar

Unique interpretations of Irish and Turkish folk songs by Galwegian jazz guitarist Aengus Hackett Music, joined by world-class Turkish vocalistSanem Kalfa on a journey into the familiar and the foreign.

Aengus studied jazz guitar at the prestigious Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he crossed paths with gifted vocalist Sanem Kalfa. No stranger to Irish audiences, in 2011 Sanem performed at the 12 Points Festival in Dublin.

She has a distinctly beautiful style of singing, straddling the borders between jazz and the music of her native Turkey with an effortless grace. Sanem is the winner of the world-renowned Montreux Jazz Voice Competition in 2010, where head of jury was none other than the legendary Quincy Jones.

Aengus and Sanem’s collaboration combines their diverse influences into a multicultural melting pot.

The quintet is completed with three talented Irish musicians; Neil O’ Loghlen (bass), Matthew Berrill (fiddle / sax / clarinet) and Matt Jacobson (drums / percussion). All members of innovative Irish traditional groupEnsemble Ériu, they bring a wealth of folk and jazz experience to this project.

Novel interpretations of Irish and Turkish music, as well as spontaneous improvisation, will make for an unforgettable programme of music.

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