Singing is a journey to ourselves.

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Singing is an important tool to connect with our intuition and be able to let our inner knowing shine. One of the most effective and joyful ways to achieve the capability to function at great levels perception and creativeness. With this knowledge and Sanem’s musica knowhow, it is possible to explore the liberation and joy that canbe achieved by simply learning to use our voices. She provides singing courses for different age of groups and levels.


“Sanem Kalfa is a great teacher. She pays attention to detail and focuses on improving your singing technique, breathing and intonation while creating a friendly environment for learning. She always has valuable feedback for making any song that I brought to class sound beautiful and sell the song to the audience. She also helped me a lot improving my singing improvisation in jazz standards and other R&B pieces. I cannot ask for a better teacher!”


Sanem made me find the voice in me I didn’t even know I had. She is amazing at analysing the way you sing and realising the full potential of your singing by choosing just the right exercises and songs for you to try. That is why by her lessons I can now already sing in ways I never thought I could in just a few weeks! She is a wonderful and inspiring teacher that makes you want to try your very hardest.


Sanem is an incredible talented vocal instructor with a true passion for music. She cares and enjoys to see you improve vocally, helps you step by step with the right techniques to sound your best. I am so glad I have found her, with her help I am confident in singing, and I am not scared of high notes anymore 😊 she is a true pro, I would recommend her to anyone.


Ik vind het super leuk om bij Sanem op zangles te zitten. Ze is super lief helpt je goed en is zorgzaam.ik vind het altijd super leuk om te zingen en het is altijd leuk om daar te zijn. en: I really enjoy taking singing lessons with Sanem. She is super sweet, helps you well and is caring, I always love to sing and it is always nice to be there.

Jonatan (12)

Regular lessons: €65,-

Single lesson: €75,-

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