Sanem Kalfa & Teis Semey

Danish Teis Semey and Turkish Sanem Kalfa are two highly acknowledged improvisers in the Dutch jazz scene.
In this new duo they strike a new chord, drawing inspiration from folk music and free improvisation, and channel their creativity through spacious and melodic worlds of sound.

You might know Sanem Kalfa from her work with George Dumitriu and Joachim Badenhorst, but Kalfa also has an impressive catalog of solo pieces behind her. Sanem Kalfa’s mastery of not only her voice, but “tinges and timing, blossoming and flow, vibe and touch, fly and linger” (AllAboutJazz), makes her an interesting fit with Teis Semey. Guitarist Teis Semey is younger, and is just beginning to take to the European central stage. As a JazzAhead Showcase artist, three albums out as a leader and selected Footprints Touring Artist, he is not shy to make a stamp. A “rising star” (NRC), Semey “grabs you by the shoulders and screams a story into your face, but a story with depth and nuance” (Jazzism).

The duo of Sanem Kalfa and Teis Semey, thus, is something special that we don’t get that often – two world class musicians who team up as a special treat for those lucky enough to be in the audience at that moment. In this concert he duo will perform a blend of Turkish music, danish folk music, songs and improvisation. Don’t bring your dancing shoes, but maybe a napkin to cry into.