Sanem Kalfa & Marta Warelis

Duo Sanem Kalfa & Marta Warelis take  the listeners to a journey which is gentle and smooth and sometimes a passionate voice as if hundreds of people gathered to pray for the same cause. As the singer, Sanem is intending to explore different emotions using different techniques. Together with pianist Marta Warelis, this journey will take place in between powerful emotions.

“…Warelis’ improvisations are an accumulation of impressions she gleans from the ensemble while playing. …short and fierce patterns, staccato melody and chord lines, meandering and percussive figures strike at lightning speed. Warelis’ music comes from deep inside with no compromises and expresses itself in flowing, colorful patterns that immediately take root.”


“Sanem Kalfa creates an impressive world of stories and wonder with her improvisations and her interpretations… She creates her own vocal vocabulary… a vocalist with a clear signature of her own, with music like an adventurous winding river, sparkling and atmospheric, panoramic and poetic.”

Jazzflits, Frank Huzer

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