Esat Ekincioglu’s TURKISH Pumpkin

Esat Ekincioglu (double bass and compositions)
Koen Boeijinga (saxophones, flutes, bagpipes)
Mees Siderius (drums, gongs, percussion)
Giuseppe Doronzo (saxophones, flutes, bagpipes)
Sanem Kalfa (vocals and cello)

Psychedelic free groove from the Afro-Anatolian continent. Nomadic drones encounter a wild Turkish wedding. From delightful Aylerian chants to Moholo Moholo-esque dances.

Esat Ekincioglu’s Turkish Pumpkin improvises wedding and funeral music from the Near East. Led by Turkish-born bassist Esat Ekincioglu, the band evokes trances and chants about lovers, heroes; in sorrow and joy. The band consists of musicians of the new generation of Dutch improvisers who are connected to the city of Groningen, the home of Esat. The band premiered at No Musician’s Land Exhibition by Marina Abrahamovic Institute 2020 and Summer Jazz Bicycle Tour 2020.

Turkish Pumpkin started and performed as a trio until now. With the VNJJ (Vereniging Nederlandse Jazzpodia en Jazzfestivals) Week of the Jazz composition assignment, the band has expanded into a quintet with adventurous new music. The quintet is excited to premiere the new music in May 2022.