Sanem Kalfa & George Dumitriu

Photo by Joost Ruigrok

The Amsterdam based duo features the Turkish singer and winner of Montreux Jazz Competition Sanem Kalfa, in dialog with poly-instrumentalist & composer George Dumitriu, active in the jazz, contemporary classical and improvised music scenes of Europe.


“the most convincing testimony to the power of the musical voice in the modest form of a duo… their musical empathy carried a concert that moved through deep emotional landscapes ranging from subtle spherical details to expressionistic cries. […] balanced narrative encompassing acoustic and electric sounds, borrowed and original songs, screams and silence, beauty and despair, tradition and renewal. With their dialog with each other, the audience, and the music of the past and the present, Kalfa and Dumitriu’s concert carried an uplifting message that could be the credo of the festival: the musical voice, no matter how it speaks, is able to bring us closer together as human beings.”

All About Jazz, Jakob Baekgaard

“They make highly surprising and extraordianry exciting music. Their performance showed resourcefulness and overwhelming expressiveness. With voice, strings played in different ways and electronics that deform, loop or decelerate, Kalfa and Dumitriu create their own universe that is magical and impressive, or just moving because of the poetic beauty.”

Roland Huguenin, Jazzflits

“From the first note, Kalfa gave everything and sang from her soul. Dumitriu is continuously looking for new sounds and new ways of accompanying with guitar as well as viola. Despite the small setup, there was a wall of sound and emotion coming from the stage! ”

Armand van Wijck, Jazzenzo

“Virtuosity combined with extreme dynamics and expression. Complex music that becomes accessible to everyone thanks to the breath taking performance…”

Peter Bruyn, Haarlems Dagblad

“Kalfa and Dumitriu play something very different. Many are susceptible to the mystery and Kalfa uses that; it fits her well and she feels good performing like that.”

Jan Jasper Tamboer, Het Parool

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