rock to jolt [ ] stagger to ash, Alexis Blake

Alexis Blake made a contemporary ode to lament with the performance rock to jolt [ ] stagger to ash. With this project, Blake won the Prix de Rome last year, but due to the lockdown, the performance could only be shown at the opening. Alexis Blake made an ode to lamentation with the performance rock […]

Esat Ekincioglu’s TURKISH Pumpkin

Esat Ekincioglu (double bass and compositions) Koen Boeijinga (saxophones, flutes, bagpipes)Mees Siderius (drums, gongs, percussion)Giuseppe Doronzo (saxophones, flutes, bagpipes) Sanem Kalfa (vocals and cello) Psychedelic free groove from the Afro-Anatolian continent. Nomadic drones encounter a wild Turkish wedding. From delightful Aylerian chants to Moholo Moholo-esque dances. Esat Ekincioglu’s Turkish Pumpkin improvises wedding and funeral music […]