Sanem Kalfa

Yesss! We made it! We made another beautiful tour in Romania and now time to go back to beloved Amsterdam. I want to thank tp all the lovely people who has been with us, working with us, feeling with us, sharing with us and so on!

As I remember, I posted the last one from Arad. Well, Brasov was calling, and this was going to be our last long trip in Romania. Poor George was trying to find the most comfortable position, which were not the most safe ones. I stopped commenting, saying my smart ideas and observations. Anyway that feet was going to stay out and many more weird ones were going to happen..  There was nothing I could do! 🙂


This time we were on time, even early! We arrived to our hotel and relaxed a bit and went to the venue we were suppose to play. “Central Multicultural al Universitati Transilvania” . Such a nice venue, such a nice organisation and LOVELY people. This was not suppose to be our last concert but the one after Brasov concert was cancelled. But I really loved the way how we finished our tour in Romania. Full house of great audience, music lovers! They also loved us 😛 It was such a pleasure to be there and perform. I think one of the most remarkable concerts are the ones with the loveliest audiences. And this concert was one of them!

FullSizeRender brasov

This is one of the reason makes me love my job so much! To be surrounded by beautiful people! You can see how happy we were!

IMG_8013 IMG_8012 This photos are by George’s uncle Eugen Andronic!

After the concert, we deserved the big dinner. It was pretty late again, but this was the last chance to go for sarmale! And I did! There is a very very nice restaurant next to the university called “Sergiana”! Hmmm, If you come to Brasov, I think this place is should be visited!

IMG_7992   IMG_7983

The next day, we had time to finally go and discover the city. I won’t say much because I keep on repeating myself. Just you know that I love Brasov! Here some pictures:

IMG_8048  IMG_8044 IMG_8019  IMG_8016 IMG_8015  IMG_8011  IMG_8009  IMG_7995

I made so many pictures, these are not the best ones but I had difficulties to decide the most beautiful ones 🙂 Brasov is very touristic city actually, so I suggest you to visit here at the low season. I guess this would be the good way to feel the city!

In this tour I realised one thing, when George is in Romania, he lives with the phone on his ear! Ok I will be fair, sometimes he has calls about the concerts 🙂 So I could only make pics with the phone on his ear 😛

IMG_8063  IMG_8061  IMG_8059

In the afternoon, we visited George’s uncle Eugen and his beautiful family. It was so nice to end the day with super delicious food by Eugen’s lovely wife Auora, a nice talk with super smart, funny, cute daughter Iris. Btw we have really really nice pictures taken by Eugen! Looking forward to share with you!

IMG_8052  IMG_8066

Our last trip from Brasov to Bucharest was amazing! We passed the mountains, I wanted to take pictures but it was getting dark. I save it for the next time 🙂

IMG_8064  Here is one!

Well, that was it! We ended our Romanian Tour till the next time. Maybe next year of this time or even maybe earlier. Who knows! We had a great time! Now going to sleep and looking forward to go back to Amsterdam. Where ever I go, Amsterdam is the place I want to come back!

Thank you dear friends for eeeeeverything!

A big hug!