Sanem Kalfa

I made a mistake with skipping one day of writing. That’s why so much to tell now, i don’t know where to start. The concert in Oradea was a really nice concert, did I tell you that? 🙂

Well the next morning we were pretty much relaxed, we didn’t have to rush, run, panic! We just went to the city and have a breakfast. I didn’t really see the city the time we arrived, its pretty beautiful. Not so many people on the street though. That was a bit weird to me, but it’s not only about Oradea, beside Bucharest, all the cities kind of like this. Not so many people on the street. So here some pics I made in Oradea, as much as I could see in very short time.

FullSizeRender IMG_7854  IMG_7862     Yes! It was a very short time in Oradea, to reach to Oradea was so big deal, so we were also pretty tired to get too enthusiastic about going around and discovering more about the city. Our next stop was Timisoara, my other favourite city in Romania. It was pretty close, only 2,5 hours away. Last time we couldn’t spend much time in the city but you can see the city has strong personality already, tells you a lot about itself. So we arrived to the “Electric Theatre”. It was a small theatre and nice terrace. In the terrace there is one separate business going on. A pizza restaurant. They use the terrace of “Electric Theatre”, so they kind of work together. And about the pizza! Wow wow wow! I took the most simple pizza and it tasted so good! This already tells a lot i think.

IMG_7856     IMG_7865                                                                                                 Hmmmm so lekker! They say it’s the best in TIimsoara! They told me that the owner went to Sicily to learn how to make pizza. I guess, he got the spirit 🙂 I really enjoy it!

It will sound like I’m repeating the same thing over and over but I will say the same again. We had a really nice concert! The audience was super nice, they were so much into the music that they wouldn’t want to bother us with clapping. I’m not making this up 🙂 That’s what they told us 🙂 Everything was nice, we stayed till late to hang out with friends around and with the sudden decision at 1 o’clock in the morning we decided to move on to our next stop Arad! Of course I didn’t get chance to see Timisoara again! But that’s why I have a reason to come back 🙂 We thought it would be nice to wake up and go to swim since we don’t have chance to move so much. So we jumped in the car and went to Arad. We were there around 2:30!

IMG_7867 George thought it will be easier anyway with the traffic, but to drive in the night is not so easy! But we made it safe and sound! Right away to the beds!

When we woke up, we went to the swimming pool immediately! The pool was not really happening! It was really old and thank god I didn’t have glasses so I could swim longer than George. It’s not that dirty but it was pretty old so doesn’t make you so comfortable somehow. Otherwise it was pretty fine I guess. Of course, after swimming session, we became so hungry! Right after the crazy eating session I through myself to the streets to discover. Wow! Arad is pretty impressive city. So many beautiful old buildings, nice streets. I loved the city, I guess I’m going to say it all the time. I cannot stop, good is good!

IMG_7906 IMG_7896

IMG_7887  IMG_7885

IMG_7883  IMG_7881

IMG_7910  IMG_7930

I walked like 3 hours I guess. But It felt like i didn’t see enough. I was already pretty tired and sleepy. Then time was up, I went to the venue we supposed to play. It was in front of the city hall.

IMG_7903  IMG_7901

There were 4 acts and we were the last ones. Actually it was a little bit weird combinations of the music and bands. The one before us, were dances and singing on some types dancing over it.

IMG_7947  IMG_7946

I thought that was a bit funny combination 🙂 Well in the end, we had a good show I guess, we couldn’t make people dance but we made them cry 😛

After the show, George asked me ” Sanem, are you hungry?” and I said “of course no! I won’t eat, it’s already too late to eat!”.Anyway we went to the restaurant, Goerge ordered 2 glasses of palinka and suddenly become very hungry and tipsy 😀

IMG_7950    IMG_7951

The the night is off! I will go to sleep now and tomorrow we will move to Brasov! my other love 🙂 It’s going to be so nice to be back in Brasov. I’m looking forward!

Till then..