Sanem Kalfa

We had the most intensive driving session yesterday from Panciu to Oradea. But before that I have to tell you about Panciu. Grandma time! Mama mare welcomed us with the warmest hug and kisses. That was already a very good start. We entered the house, mamaliga was on the stove plapling(this is my expression of the sound of mamaliga boiling:). Hmmm we were not starving but to see that makes you hungry the big time. Mama mare is 83 years old, very lively, energetic and a very strong women. She had so many things to tell me but we had a language barrier of course. Somehow we could chat a little bit, the rest of the communication was her to feeding me. When I say no, she would be little disappointed. She told Goerge “Is she ever hungry or why do you bring me someone who doesn’t eat” πŸ™‚ She was so so cute. Btw I was eating all the time and a lot but her passion of feeding was very strong and as an amount wise was over the top πŸ˜€ Then she brought her jam collection to the table. That was the real time I lost my mind, I didn’t even think of making pictures, just kept on eating. I got 2 jars to take home! My detoxing plans are shaking πŸ™‚


After all those hours of eating, we went for a walk in Panciu. I’m so sorry that I didn’t take my phone with me to take some pictures. I didn’t think that I will see an amazing landscape. People here don’t have strong passion of building new/big houses. That’s very adorable, I love this mentality! Finally time to go to bed. There were pyjamas waiting for us and cotton old school beds. I think this is the best thing ever. I had a very very good sleep.


It was time to leave Panciu for our next road to Oradea. I hugged the mama mare, she was shaking a little bit and she sounded weepy. Oooooh! She is a wonderful woman. I will miss her! She reminded me my mom, each time I have to leave home to go back to Amsterdam, we have this sessions. I’m missing my mom everyday as well.


OK! Now I will start the tough part of our life, driving! πŸ™‚ The first part was a real camel trophy! I didn’t think of making pictures because I was busy with panicking and at the same time trying to stay calm. But there were moments that I was saying “ok, I’m getting out of the car now! I cannot look!” kind of moments. I guess the road was made once upon a time and that’s it. The second part was the most nerves pushing road. 300km of construction. Which means stopping every 2 km, waiting for the other cars to pass and the rest driving 40km per hour. That was very difficult. But hey! Do you remember I told you before that there are no highways in Romania. Well I was wrong there are couple of them. We could take the one I guess 20 km. long. And of course what happens? George goes for it the big time! The 300km construction came after that so imagine the disappointment πŸ˜€

IMG_7833Β  Β IMG_7825

After all we arrived to Oradea. A lovely girl Fatima hosted us. We played Β at the” Mozvka Cafe”. Very very lovely audience! We were too tired to hang out, but after all we had really good concert.

IMG_7831Β Β IMG_7829

Now time for a breakfast then we hit the road to Timisoara to play at the “Electric Theater”

Tot snel!