Sanem Kalfa

Hi hi! My previous post has some font and picture issues and most probably this post will be like that too.  I’m hoping to figure them out soon. Besides this, I have so many nice pictures to share with you!

I will start from Bistrita. After a very long trip, finally we arrived to Bistrita. Our soundcheck was at 5 and we were there at 5:10. Why?! Because Sanem and George likes to eat! We stopped at Sigrisoara, another beautiful tiny city. And of course I had to find the best place to eat, no touristic but also very traditional, very good, etc. Well, we ended up at the most touristic restaurant. It was ok, not spectacular.

Ok, so we arrived to Bistrita to very nice synagogue. They are now using it as a cultural centre, organizing concerts. It had really nice acoustic and we had very nice audience. Good combination. We are looking forward to go back. Maybe be able to spend little more time.


And it was time to go on to our next stop one of my favourite city Cluj. Such a city, it has so much good vibe and of course the best “ciorba de burta(tripe soup – I can see some of your faces, believe me it’s so gooood!)  and papanasi (fried pastry with sour cream and cranberry sauce)” place! The restaurant called “FairPlay”. It was such a joy to have them both in my stomach. Oh my! How much I love the good food! The portions were super big. I was exploding in the end. But I didn’t complain about how much I ate bla bla – that’s kind of my style:) – good is good! Doesn’t deserve any complain! I won’t say more, the pictures will speak 😉

FullSizeRender IMG_7634  IMG_7640

So, we rolled ourselves from the restaurant to the venue. It was in the centre of the city completely hidden. They don’t even have a website. A nice man welcomed us, we climbed the stairs very quietly because there were people leaving at the building. We ended up in front of a funny door and pulled the robe and tataaaaa! Such an unexpecting place! This place had the vibe and personality. I really liked it and I made so many pics to share with you. We had really good time there surrounded by beautiful people.

IMG_7648 IMG_7657 FullSizeRender_6 FullSizeRender_7 IMG_7653 IMG_7683 IMG_7707 IMG_7709 FullSizeRender_11

Today we travelled all day long from Cluj to Bacau. I will write more about it later, maybe tomorrow 😉

Bye now! Love,