Sanem Kalfa
The 3rd tour in Romania and this time I wanted to share my experiences with you! It’s getting every time nicer and nicer to play/sing in Romania. I guess we are building a nice audience here, so each time we come we meet them again and it’s such a nice feeling already to see that we are connected with our audience. Last night we played at the Green Hours Festival. Green Hours is a well known jazz club in Bucharest and they organize 4 days festival every year. 2 bands per night at the beautiful garden of the club. If you go to Bucharest in the spring or autumn or summer if you can handle the hot weather :), this is the place to visit. Good music, very warm and welcoming people will host you in the Green Hours Jazz Club. Here you can see the link of the festival:
    Usually I’m pretty calm on the stage, i only have this sweet excitement before I take a place on the stage. Last night it was tiny bit more because we had new songs and we perform them first time. Oh it was so wonderful to share our new goodies with such a nice audience, we were almost hugging each other. It felt really good. After all it was a good start of our 3rd Romanian tour.
   Right now we are driving in the mountains, and we have no music in the car, only enjoying the beautiful nature, at least I am, George is driving 🙂 We will play in Bistrita tonight. We have 4 more hours to drive. Let me tell you the situation in Romania. There are no highways! which means to travel from one city to another takes much longer than it should. Somehow you cannot really get super mad about it because they don’t want to destroy the nature. So for that matter I respect the attitude and stop complaining about it 🙂 But it would be very nice if they would have little more comfortable domestic public transport. Last year we had pretty funny and sometimes difficult and tiring experiences. So this time George sacrificed himself and became the choffeur 🙂 We rented a nice car fully insured! So George is pretty relax, this means I might have some parking experience stories for you 🙂
    Before I say bye for today, I’d like to tell you a bit about the radio show we did in Bucharest yesterday. We were invited by Maria Blabas/ Radio Romania Cultural. It was a short session, it went well and Maria is a very sweet lady. We had a nice talk very early in the morning. And we got nice reactions after the show. Nice to know there were many people listening to the show this early in the morning.
    Love to you all….
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